Jockey Wheels & Propstands

An integral part of any trailer, the jockey wheel provides support for the load when the trailer is uncoupled to the vehicle or security post

Tip: A trailer should always have a positive nose load.

The jockey wheel also assists with the manoeuvring of the trailer and having a telescopic jockey will save your back while uncoupling!

Tip: 'Sliding' jockey wheels are only suitable for light-weight trailers where the coupling can be easily lifted off the ball by hand.

Anti-vibration (or anti-slip) is designed to prevent the jockey slipping within the clamp whilst under heavy loads or when retracted for transit.

Propstands help to maintain the integrity of the trailer chassis by supporting it during loading and unloading and they should be used even if the trailer is still coupled to a vehicle as payloads are not evenly distributed when loading occurs.

When complete, loads should always be evenly distributed around the trailer to avoid snaking and pitching during transportation. Swivel-foot prop stands are also available and these have the advantage over fixed-foot prop stands as they will help to locate a level on uneven ground.