Trailer Mudguards

Single & Tandem Mudgards

We offer sizes from 8” to 16”, as single axle or twin axle and most in plastic or galvanised steel options. So whatever size your trailer is, we should have a mudguard to suit your wheels!

Plastic mudguards are a less expensive option and are generally used on low duty trailers as they for protection from dirt. Another option would be galvanised steel mudguards, which are generally used on more heavy-duty trailers, carrying machinery. These are a lot stronger and are less likely to become damaged or cracked, however are slightly more expensive.

We also supply mudguard brackets suitable for 13” wheels, 16” wheels and tandem mudguards.

If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements you can call our sales team on 01204 478 591 or call or visit your local branch which you can find here.