Towballs, Jaws & Pins

Towballs, jaws and hitch pins are the basic equipment which will allow you to couple your towing vehicle to your trailer or caravan.

Towballs are for use with 51mm couplings, whereas ‘jaws’ are for use with ‘eye’ couplings (eye couplings are only legally allowed for use with commercial vehicles.)

Pin & ball combinations can be used with both ball and eye couplings.

Adjustable height ball brackets can be customised to give different towing heights; these are mainly needed for 4x4 vehicles.

The majority of towballs and jaws are flange-fitting, which fit with the two pins against the towbar brackets.

We also supply a shank-fitted towball, commonly used on small ATV’s.

If you need assistance selecting the correct towball or jaw for your vehicle you can all our sales team on 01204 478 591 or call your local Indespension branch. To locate your nearest branch click here.

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