Suspension, Hubs & Brakes

Suspension units are where we started back in 1967!

So important were suspension units to our business that we named our business after them - independant suspension = Indespension!

A lot of our early models ran on our original Indespension suspension unit and beause it has stood the test of time so well, we still specify it on our smaller trailers. One of the most important parts of your trailer, whether you want braked or unbraked suspension, Indespension will have a suspension unit to suit.

10 year guarantee

All Indespension suspension units carry a 10 year guarantee against materials defects or workmanship. Click here for more information.

Hubs, bearings & stubs

The trailer's hubs, bearings and stubs axles are designed to connect the trailer suspensions to the vehicle's road wheels. Stub axle bearings are 'wear' items that may require replacement during the life of your trailer. By employing common parts that are readily available through our website, branch network or Indespension stockists, you are assured of the on-going serviceability of your trailer.

All trailers over 750kg must be braked. Indespension run all their braked trailers on brake cables either AL-KO or Knott. If you need help specifying a suspension unit, you can call our sales team on 01204 478 591 and they will be happy to help.

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