Boat Trailer Flushing Kit

Easily remove salt water & sand from your boat trailer brake drums!

The aggressive nature of salt water often causes severe corrosion and while many boat users will wash their trailers as soon as possible after use, there simply hasn’t been a practical solution to the problem of salt water inside brake drums. This has resulted in often expensive servicing bills and poorly performing brakes as corrosion takes hold of the brake springs, adjusters and shoes.

But now there is a solution! The Indespension flushing kit, available for both single and twin axle configurations, is available as an optional extra when ordering your new trailer or can be fitted retrospectively to you current trailer (using the step-by-step instructions supplied with every kit).

If you would like Indespension to fit the flushing kit for you, simply book your trailer in at one of our branches and we will do the rest.

Once fitted, thanks to its quick-release hose system, you can simply attach your water supply, turn on the tap and the salt water and sand is simply washed away!

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