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See the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic Series

See the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic Series at the Brands Hatch Festival Italia, on the 19th of August 2018, courtesy of Indespension, a Ferrari Club Racing Partner. Festival Italia is a real celebration of all things Italian and includes. On Track The Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic Race On track demonstrations for historic F1 cars The BRSCC Alfa Romeo Championship Italian race and rally legends track demonstrations O[...]

5 July 2018

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Trailer hire Haverfordwest

If you’re looking to transport a number of items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in your vehicle, making use of a trailer offers an ideal solution.  Instead of going to the trouble to think about what to leave behind, whether you should make a number of trips or even hiring another, larger vehicle; a trailer offers a simple, cost-effective, time-saving solution.   Whether you’re looking for trailer hire Haverfordwest , or in fact, an[...]

28 April 2017

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Towbar fitting Haverfordwest | Indespension

If you’re looking to tow a heavy load behind your vehicle, be it a trailer, caravan or anything else, then a good, high-quality towbar is a must. Able to attach your load safely and securely to your vehicle, a well-fit towbar will ensure that the driver can have peace of mind as they go about their journey. If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective towbar fitting in Haverfordwest , you’ve travelled to the right place.   [...]

28 April 2017

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Indespension set to open their 23rd branch, in Colchester

UK nationwide trailer specialists Indespension demonstrate their commitment to expansion and innovation with a new branch, opening 3 rd April at the Whitehall Industrial Estate, Colchester. The Colchester branch will be the Bolton-based trailer company’s 23 rd branch across the UK and Ireland, servicing a 30 mile radius of Colchester including Essex, Chelmsford, Clacton-on-Sea, Halstead and Braintree. Customers can expect Indespension’[...]

21 March 2017

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