Indespension at cutting edge with new laser investment

UK nationwide trailer specialists Indespension have made a major investment in their production facilities with a trail-blazing new laser cutter, showing their commitment to being one of the leading UK trailer manufacturers.

The Bolton-based trailer company will be putting the laser to use cutting steel and aluminium sheet for trailer components such as trailer chassis and loading ramps, benefitting from the ability to cut up to 10 holes per second in mild steel and cutting speeds up to three times faster than the seven year old machine it replaced.

With a list price of nearly £800,000, the laser from Bystronic uses the latest Swiss technology – the first change in laser profiling technology in 35 years. Indespension’s model is the very first in the UK of its size and one of only around 10 in the world.

It also brings with it environmental benefits, using only a third of the power of the previous machine and not requiring helium, which is in short supply. With a smaller footprint, the new laser cutter also frees up factory space for development of future Indespension products.

These benefits are of key importance, explains Joint Managing Director Ashley Haworth:

Indespension is committed to leading the market in terms of innovation, quality and environmental credentials.  The acquisition of the Bystronic Fibre Laser helps us to deliver on these aims as well as providing a much needed increase in production capacity.   It also marks our commitment to UK manufacturing, which is an important part of our company ethos.

With Brexit on the horizon, as well as increased competition from European manufacturers, Indespension’s substantial investment is a sign of their future intent.



Indespension Invest in new Laser Cutter