The Brexit Effect on Caravanning

To say that the reaction from the business world on the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has been ‘mixed’ is probably an understatement. One sector that is probably looking at the news with some positivity however, is the domestic caravanning industry. With many industry insiders predicting, that due to a failing pound that will make holidays overseas more expensive, more people will choose to holiday within the UK after Brexit. If this will indeed be the case and thus facing the need to transport often heavy loads behind a vehicle during trips around the country, there hasn’t been a better time for people to think about towbar fitting and trailer hire in Haverfordwest.

Possessing the only coastal national park in Wales, Pembrokeshire in general is home to many holiday parks and camping areas and with an increased level of tourism expected within the coming years, the footfall for the local economies based around the camps could also conceivably increase. With holiday camps in the UK situated in some of its most picturesque places, a domestic holiday will soon become an attractive proposition for many. When all of these factors are added up, it’s clear that now is the right time to invest in the equipment that will help any domestic holiday to run as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

Will Brexit see an increase in ‘Staycations’?

For many, trading with the EU is vital to their business and the vote to leave has left some with genuine worries about their futures. There are others however, who have found that many policies rolled out by Brussels have undermined what they’re trying to achieve and believe that the vote will open up a wider, more customisable trading world for their business. No matter people’s individual outlook on Brexit, with our fate already decided, everyone will ultimately need to make the best of what will come and with the UK government set to trigger Article 50 this month, it’s estimated that we will have 2 years to put plans in place for an existence outside the European Union.

For the caravanning industry, the vote could see what was once a staple of British holiday life, suddenly experience a renaissance. Rather than deter investments, global firms have been busy snapping up British companies in the hope of a positive effect from Brexit. One such deal is Canadian company Onex’s acquisition of UK caravan and camping holiday site firm Parkdean Resorts for £1.35bn. Due to the recent fall in the value of the pound, the price of overseas holidays have seen a sharp increase – and with experts predicting a further initial drop once the UK does leave the EU, that cost will soar. Faced with expensive holiday options, more people than ever will be turning to domestic holidays, which will provide a huge boost to the country’s long-suffering campsites, caravan and holiday parks.

Now dubbed ‘staycations’ (a stay-at-home vacation) domestic holidays for many seem like a relic from the past, a time before air travel was less affordable for the average family, but with the perceived affordability of foreign holidays set to increase, Brexit has offered the industry a unique opportunity. The acquisition of Parkdean will see the brand expanded; with Onex already setting out plans to invest £610m to further cement their place as the UK’s number one holiday park.

Parkdean isn’t the only domestic-based holiday company to receive a takeover recently, Park Holidays was sold for £362m to an investment group who similarly expect the UK holiday market to pick up within the next few years. Aside from the perceived effects of Brexit, the key to the attraction of the caravan holiday in these modern times has been the improvements in caravanning technology, which have the homes transformed into safe, comfortable environments that could conceivably be run all year long.

Despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit for many, it seems that due to recent takeovers, investors are confident of the UK holiday market, suggesting that staycations will once again become a stable of British life.

Thinking of a Caravanning Holiday?

If you’re thinking about going on a staycation soon, then have you considered the ease that can be provided through towbar fitting or trailer hire? Instead of hiring a larger vehicle to make the trip, or even trying to squeeze everything (and everyone!) in the back of your car, towing a trailer or caravan offers the perfect solution for transporting your equipment.

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By combining modern technology with our industry expertise, we manufacture all of our own trailer parts, which ensure that we have full control over the quality and customisation of the parts that we install. Quite simply, if you’re looking for a comprehensive towbar and trailer hire in Haverfordwest, Indespension can provide the perfect service.

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15 March 2017

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