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If you’re looking to transport a number of items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in your vehicle, making use of a trailer offers an ideal solution.  Instead of going to the trouble to think about what to leave behind, whether you should make a number of trips or even hiring another, larger vehicle; a trailer offers a simple, cost-effective, time-saving solution.


Whether you’re looking for trailer hire Haverfordwest, or in fact, anywhere in the country, why not take advantage of our UK-wide coverage?  Our Pembrokeshire store is located at Bank Farm, Narberth, just off the A40. Aside from our Haverfordwest store, we have two other locations for trailer hire in South Wales; in Swansea and Cardiff. Please use our store locator for more information.


Trailer Hire Haverfordwest From Indespension.


Whether you’re looking to use a trailer for one or multiple trips, choosing to hire a trailer will make the process of transporting whatever you need to, much easier.


Just some of the typical types of trailer for rent include:


Car Transporter. Whether you’re buying a new car or bike, or are in the process of fixing one up, then taking advantage of a sturdy car transporter will cut down on the time and cost it will take to move a vehicle from one location to another. With daily hire rates available, as well as weekend and long-term rates, you can be rest assured that you will be able to balance the cost, along with the exact time for which you need

  • the hire.


  • Camping Trailer. We don’t need to go in depth to say how beautiful South Wales is, but with beautiful countryside, scenic hills and a picturesque coastline, the area is quite an attraction for people to go and camp. With camping trailer hire Haverfordwest from us at Indespension, you will be able to pack all of your important equipment without having to sacrifice room in your vehicle. Also, as you won’t be going to the trouble of hiring a bigger vehicle to place everything in, you can save time and money as you’ll be driving more comfortably in your usual vehicle.
  • Box Van Trailer. Whether you’re moving home or business premises, then a trailer will offer handy support to move a large array of items from one location to another safely. By taking advantage of box van trailer hire not only will you save on the cost of hiring a larger vehicle, but you’ll also feel more comfortable, driving your own usual vehicle.


  • Commercial Goods Trailer. Popular to use amongst builders and landscape gardeners, thanks to them being lightweight, yet robust and adaptable for bulk loads or machinery, these types of trailers will give you a massive helping hand in moving a large array of items.


These trailers are just a small example of the many other types we have on hire (including specialist boat, motorcycle, livestock and plant trailers) – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.


Need High-Quality UK Trailer Hire? Visit Indespension today.


We at Indespension have many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of vehicles and can now boast a UK-wide service of over 20 stores – allowing us to be able to offer support to our customers throughout the country. Our experience in the industry has given us a unique insight into the changing nature of vehicles and their needs and it’s this gained knowledge that has allowed us to stay at the forefront of trailer technology over the years. This ultimately allows us to be able to offer a service that balances high quality with low cost – something we all should strive to look for in any type of service.  Other reasons why you should choose trailer hire Haverfordwest, include:


  • All of our trailers are fully maintained and serviced, ensuring only the highest quality of trailer is hired out.




If you need any further information on our trailer hire Haverfordwest service, you can call us 0845 720 730, or e-mail us by using our contact form.


Alternatively, why not pop in to see one of our expert team? Our Narberth store, located at Bank Farm is open Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30 and on Saturday’s from 9:00-12:30.

28 April 2017

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