Bike Trailers

Indespension has a range of new and used bike trailers to suit every pocket. Even if you need to transport one, two or three bikes, we have a solution for you.

As recognised industry experts in towing, Indespension presents a range of bike trailers to suit a variety of requirements. We have single, two and three motorcycle trailers in our new products catalogue; of these the twin and triple bike transporters can double up for quad bikes or utility use. Each of our motorbike trailers comes with all of the standard features and benefits from Indespension. Why not also take advantage of our exclusive insurance cover and anti theft device options.

We also have a range of used bike trailers throughout the Indespension network. Whether you're going racing or simply on holiday it's great to have the flexibility to move your bikes and explore the area while you're there. Using any of our motorbike trailers you can make the most of on and off road transport to make the most of your holiday.

Since setting up in partnership with tow-it, we can even organise the hire of motorbike trailers that can transport up to three bikes. Motorcycle trailers are available for hire for as little as £12 per day and long-term contracts are also available.

Browse our online catalogue for more information about each of our available bike trailers.