Thule Box

If you need a way of carrying additional luggage in your vehicle then a Thule Box is what you?ve been searching for. Thule is one of the world?s leading car roof box specialists. With a track record in manufacturing some of the best roof boxes on the market, a Thule Box makes it easy for active individuals and busy families to transport their belongings.
With a range of sizes to choose from, our Thule Roof Boxes are a great way to expand the carrying capacity of your vehicle in line with your needs. From the discreet car roof box, offering a little extra breathing space when things are a bit tight, to roof boxes with massive volumes of up to 520 litres for those with more to carry.
Choosing a Thule Box that meets your requirements is important. From the simplicity of the Thule Atlantis, to the sophisticated design and intelligent load distribution of the Thule Excellence, at Indespension, we?ve got Thule Roof Boxes to suit all requirements. What?s more, Thule Boxes are watertight, providing ample defence against the rain; they also keep out road grit. A Thule Box is lockable and a safe and secure way to carry more on your travels, ideal for keeping valuables safe whilst camping.
Thinking of taking your bike away with you? We have a range of Thule Bike Racks, from roof-mounted options to rear-door racks. A Thule Bike Rack is safe, secure, and a simple way to transport your bike.
With free fitting across all of our stores, Indespension are first choice when it comes to transporting more with your vehicle - if you?re not sure what you?re after, just give us call and we?ll offer a helping hand.