Car Roof Box

If you're off on holiday and need a little extra space in your vehicle for your belongings, then a car roof box is for you. At Indespension, we have a wide range of products to choose from, including market leading Thule roof boxes. Whether you're an adventurous individual who needs room for sports equipment, or a busy family with lots of luggage, we've got a car roof box for all requirements with a range of sizes and designs in stock. The benefits of a car roof box extend beyond freeing up space in your vehicle or being able to carry more luggage. Firstly, you can have all of your belongings secured in one place, safe and sound. Secondly, the enhanced load distribution offered by a car roof box puts less stress on your vehicle, and can achieve greater fuel economy, so with use, the roof box will pay for itself. What?s more, our car roof boxes and Thule roof boxes are 100% watertight, so your belongings are protected from surface water, and you have a permanently dry and waterproof store for your belongings ? which is pretty handy for camping holidays and outdoor activities. We also have a wide range of car roof bars, for practically every type of roof, and every type of vehicle. When you?re thinking of adding some extra carrying capacity to your vehicle, car roof bars are the place to start, whether it's to help secure items on the roof of your vehicle yourself, or to securely fit a roof box. As well as our range of roof bars, we're a major stockist of Thule roof bars - perfect if you're thinking of purchasing a Thule box to transport your belongings in style. To find the right luggage-carrying option for you, browse our site now or why not give us a call?