Thule Bike Rack

Feed the explorer in you with a Thule Bike Rack. Cycling's great, but pedalling the same routes all the time can get a little tedious. Thule Bike Carriers give you and your bike freedom to discover somewhere different. Find new cycle routes, see new scenery, stray from the beaten track, the choice is yours. Just take your Thule Bike Rack, fix your bike on, and go explore...
Thule are the leading name in car rack-systems, and offer three types of Thule Bike Rack: rear-hung, tow bar mounted, and roof mounted, so you can put your bike wherever's best for you and your vehicle. If you'd rather keep your rear-window clear, for example, then a roof-mounted rack is for you. If you'd like to carry more than one bike, that's no problem. Many of our Thule bike carriers are specifically designed for two or three bikes - perfect if you're a family of cycling enthusiasts, or if you ride as part of a group, you can cut down on fuel costs by car-sharing.
If you're thinking of carrying some extra luggage with your bike, a Thule Roof Box will keep your belongings safe and secure without cluttering your vehicle. Choosing the right Thule Box is important, and at Indespension we've got a range of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from, all of which are compatible with most vehicles - and with a Thule Box, you don't have to worry about your luggage getting wet, as Thule's roof boxes are watertight.
Explore our Thule Bike Rack and Thule Roof Box range and find the perfect match for your vehicle.