Cycle Carriers

At, we've got cycle carriers for almost every type of vehicle. We stock a wide range of cycle carriers for thrill seekers who want the freedom to explore somewhere different with their bikes or those who enjoy a leisurely cycle through new landscapes. Whichever of our cycle carriers you choose, your bike will be safe and secure.
Our range of racks allows you to carry your bike on your choice of three points on your vehicle: the roof, the rear, or the tow bar. If you have a tow bar fitted to your car, then a tow bar cycle carrier is the first port of call. They are easy to mount, easy to load, and hold cycles firmly. A tow bar bike carrier can tilt so access to the boot is not restricted, and, when not in use, the carrier folds away for easy storage.
We?re also a leading stockist for Thule, who are among the most popular names in car rack systems. A Thule bike rack from Indespension gives you the opportunity to mount your bike on the roof, or on the rear of your vehicle. Having your bikes mounted higher on the vehicle means they are further away from the road-dirt kicked up when driving, keeping your bikes cleaner. All of our Thule systems feature market leading design, and are easy to attach and remove from your vehicle.
Our range of cycle carriers provides quick and convenient ways to transport your bike, leaving you more to time to get on with what's important - riding it.