Suspension Units

If you’re searching for trailer suspension units for your trailer then look no further than Indespension. Since 1967, Indespension have been the forefront of British manufacturing, specialising in suspension units, full track axles & trailer couplings, in addition to a full range of trailers. More than 40 years later, we are still industry leading manufacturers, having manufactured over 2 million units, who are proud to still be manufacturing from our original site in the North-West of England.

Every trailer is unique, and we’ve got a range of suspension units to choose from, so you can find something that’s perfectly suited to your trailer type. And with a selection of braked and un-braked suspension units available, Indespension have everything you need to protect your load and ensure bumpy journeys are a thing of the past.

All Indespension suspension units carry a 10 year guarantee against material defects or poor workmanship*.

If you’re feeling a little stumped by suspension units, don’t worry - it can get a little complicated sometimes. If you’d like some advice, just pop into your nearest Indespension store and talk to one of our advisors. Alternatively, you can call us on 01204 478 591 or email

Indespension are trailer and trailer parts specialists, and we offer a wealth of products to keep your trailer running effectively. If you’d like to expand the carrying capacity of your car, we offer a range of car roof bars. Car roof bars enable you to easily mount and dismount things like cycle racks and roof boxes to your car in a way that’s completely safe and secure. What’s more, we also stock a range of used trailers, including used boat trailers. All of the trailers in our used range offer tremendous savings, and have been rigorously checked and serviced to ensure they’re in good condition. Many come with a warranty for extra peace of mind.

Whatever your trailer requirements, browse now.

*The guarantee does not cover damage as a result of overloading or ant user abuse. Units returned under a guarantee claim must be returned to an Indespension outlet. They will return it to our manufacturing plant, and their decision will be final. Statutory Rights are unaffected.