Car Trailers

At we've created a one stop shop for adapting your vehicle to carry extra luggage, and we stock a range of car trailers, car towbars, roofbars, and trailer accessories. has a new car transporters which represents the best in modern, cutting edge design and are an example of excellence in simplicity.
Our catalogue of car trailers has something for every need, be it business or pleasure. We're serious about safety, and all of our trailers are strong, reliable, and smooth on the road. And with a range of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from, Indespension makes it easier to find a trailer that is perfect for your needs, whether it's carrying a little extra luggage for a trip away, or towing heavy goods as part of your business. We also have a selection of used car trailers that represent great value for money. All of our used car trailers have been thoroughly checked and serviced, and many come with a warranty for extra peace of mind.
Choosing the right trailer and tow bar is important. The wrong choice could damage your car, so it's essential to find something that suits both your vehicle, and your transport needs. At Indespension, we fit more car tow bars than any other UK company. Each of our 22 stores across the UK and Ireland has a team of tow bar fitters who will help you find the perfect tow bar and trailer combination before fitting the tow bar for free. Furthermore, we provide a lifetime warranty on every tow bar we fit.
Or, if you're looking for something a little smaller scale than a trailer, our roofbars offer a strong and secure way to transport extra luggage with your car. To discuss the right option for you, call us on 08453 720 720.